Saturday, May 16, 2009

MU Win Premier League

MANCHESTER, England (AP) - Manchester United captured its third Premier League title in a row with a 0-0 draw with Arsenal on Saturday while Middlesbrough stood on the brink of relegation.
Man United secured the point it needed to get out of reach of second place Liverpool by making sure it did not lose to the Gunners in an unexpectedly poor quality game at Old Trafford. United now has 87 points with one game to go and Liverpool, which travels to bottom club West Bromwich Albion on Sunday, has 80. By winning its 11th Premier League in 17 seasons, United now is level with Liverpool's overall record of 18 all-time league titles. "It makes you want to go on for ever," United manager Alex Ferguson said after collecting his 25th title in 23 seasons at Old Trafford. Amid the celebrations, more than a thousand fans converged on the directors' exit and players' tunnel calling on the owners to buy Argentina striker Carlos Tevez, whose loan deal has only two weeks to run. "It's emotional. I like Manchester, and I like the fans," Tevez said in broken English. Asked if he wanted to stay at the club, he said: "It's very difficult."

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